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Describe previous raiding experience that you have with your main spec. Is your off spec viable for raiding, and would you feel comfortable using it, if needed?  *
Describe at least one strength AND one weakness of your main spec, as it pertains to raiding.  *
Describe the last few guilds that you were a part of, including your current guild. What were your reasons for leaving?  *
Describe one of the hardest boss encounters you have experienced. What mechanics did you find difficult?  *
How did you hear about Twilight Circus? Do you know any current members that can be used as personal references?  *
So, you read our guild information and policies and decided to go forward with your application. Describe at least one thing that appeals to you about our policies.  *
List at least one thing you would change about our policies. Why would you make those changes?  *
When do we raid? Please list days and times so that we know you understand our schedule. Describe any conflicts this might have with your own schedule.  *
List resources that you use to remain knowledgeable on mechanics and strategies.  *
Describe resources and techniques that you use to improve personal raid performance and encounter awareness.  *
List important mods that you use. Please include a link to a recent screenshot of you in raid combat (LFR is fine). Bonus points for PoV video links.  *
Provide links for any recent raid log data (eg. Warcraft Logs). If you are unable to do so, please explain why.  *
Describe any experience with PvP in Arena and/or Rated Battlegrounds.  *
How stable and reliable is your Internet connection?  *
If you were a clown, what color would your nose be and why?  *
Provide any additional information you feel is necessary. Use this opportunity to tell us about yourself and why you are a great fit for our guild!  *

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